Conference Papers/ Pictorials
Single-handed Folding Interactions with a Modified Clamshell Flip Phone.
Yen-Ting Yeh, Antony Albert Raj Irudayaraj, and Daniel Vogel. (CHI '24) 10.1145/3613904.3642554
The Effects of Update Interval and Reveal Method on Writer Comfort in Synchronized Shared-Editors. 🎖
Yen-Ting Yeh*, Nikhita Joshi*, and Daniel Vogel. (CHI '24) 10.1145/3613904.3642330​​​​​​​
Phone Sleight of Hand: Finger-Based Dexterous Gestures for Physical Interaction with Mobile Phones.
Yen-Ting Yeh, Fabrice Matulic, and Daniel Vogel. (CHI '23) 10.1145/3544548.3581121
Motion-centric Tools to Reflect on Digital Creative Experiences and Created Outputs
Yen-Ting Cho, Yen-Ling Kuo*, Yen-Ting Yeh*, Huaih-suan Liang, and Yu-ting Li. (C&C '22) 10.1145/3527927.3531454
IntuModels: Enabling Interactive Modeling for the Novice through Idea Generation and Selection. 🎖
Yen-Ting Cho, Yen-Ling Kuo*, Yen-Ting Yeh*, Yen-Yi Huang, and Po-Lun Huang. (C&C '21) 10.1145/3450741.3465241
Expanding Side Touch Input on Mobile Phones: Finger Reachability and Two-Dimensional Taps and Flicks using the Index and Thumb. 
Yen-Ting Yeh, Quentin Roy, Antony Albert Raj Irudayaraj, and Daniel Vogel. (ISS '20) 10.1145/3427334​​​​​​​
AAR: Augmenting a Wearable Augmented Reality Display with an Actuated Head-Mounted Projector. 
Jeremy Hartmann, Yen-Ting Yeh, and Daniel Vogel. (UIST '20) 10.1145/3379337.3415849​​​​​​​
I-m-cave: An interactive tabletop system for virtually touring mogao caves. 
Da-Yuan Huang, Shen-Chi Chen, Li-Erh Chang, Po-Shiun Chen, Yen-Ting Yeh, and Yi-Ping Hung. (ICME '14) 10.1109/ICME.2014.6890233​​​​​​​
Touchsense: expanding touchscreen input vocabulary using different areas of users’ finger pads. 
Da-Yuan Huang, Ming-Chang Tsai, Ying-Chao Tung, Min-Lun Tsai, Yen-Ting Yeh, Li-Wei Chan, Yi-Ping Hung, and Mike Y. Chen. (CHI '14) 
* Both authors contributed equally to this research.
🎖This paper received an Honorable Mention Award.
Workshop Papers​​​​​​​
Driver assistance system providing an intuitive perspective view of vehicle surrounding. 
Yen-Ting Yeh, Chun-Kang Peng, Kuan-Wen Chen, Yong-Sheng Chen, and Yi-Ping Hung. (ACCV '14 Workshops) 10.1007/978-3-319-16631-5_30
Conference Demo
Demonstrating Finger-Based Dexterous Phone Gestures.
Yen-Ting Yeh, Fabrice Matulic, and Daniel Vogel. (UIST '22  Adjunct) 10.1145/3526114.3558645
Art Gallery
Moviprint: move, explore and fabricate. 
Yen-Ting Cho, Yen-Ling Kuo, Yen-Ting Yeh, and Yi-Chin Lee. (MM '19) 10.1145/3343031.3355707​​​​​​​
Yen-Ting Cho, Yen-Ling Kuo, and Yen-Ting Yeh. (SIGGRAPH ASIA '16) 10.1145/3004257.3007171
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